Balestrand, Norway

Balestrand, Norway

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About Balestrand

About Balestrand

Why Go on a Tour of Norway's Balestrand

Balestrand is a pleasant tiny fjord town renowned for its spectacular breathtaking views from the highest peaks. Most travelers arrive here on the express boat from Bergen or Flam to stroll down its petite harbor and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The town has a unique aquarium which is worth visiting for a look at the marine life in the Sognefjord. The Norwegian Travel Museum (Norsk Reiselivsmuseum), featuring photos showing this part of Norway over the past 150 years, interactive exhibits, and souvenirs is also a must-see during a Balestrand tour.

Balestrand has a long history as a tourist resort and it was one of the favorites of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

The peaceful atmosphere of uniting with nature attracts people from all over the world as cycling and hiking in this magnificent fjord and mountain landscape is a truly wonderful experience.

As for the attractions of Balestrand Norway, travelers can witness a couple of peculiar structures such as Kvikne's Hotel, built in the 19th century and popular among visitors.

Plus, consider adding St. Olaf's Church to your Balestrand itinerary, this small and nice Anglican church was built as a memorial to an English lady, Margaret Green.

Best Things to Do in Balestrand, Norway

  • Stop by the Norwegian Travel Museum
  • Visit the charming petite St. Olaf's Church
  • Enjoy the lush nature and outdoor activities of Balestrand
All Attractions in Balestrand

All Attractions in Balestrand

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