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About Geiranger

About Geiranger

Why Visit Geiranger, Norway

The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites and has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2005.

Geiranger village is settled in a fabulous location at the head of the fjord and is surrounded by some of Norway's most spectacular scenery, majestic mountains, and stunning waterfalls. It offers numerous activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking, or relaxing strolls to enjoy the breathtaking nature.

Possibly the most captivating one among the wonders of nature on a Geiranger tour is The Seven Sisters Waterfall. The site is largely popular among visitors and consists of seven separate streams, the topmost reaching the height of 250 meters (820 feet)!

Just across the fjord facing the Sisters is another single waterfall called The Suitor (aka The Friar), which is said to be trying to flirt with them.

West of the Sisters tumbles down another unique and breathtaking waterfall with a drop height of 300 meters (984 feet) called the Bridal Veil.

Another point of interest worth visiting during Geiranger travel is the picturesque Trollstigen Mountain Road. Built back in 1936, it meanders the steep mountains, providing with some truly scenic landscapes.

Make sure to also visit the viewpoints for an unforgettable Geiranger sightseeing experience. The Geiranger Skywalk is possibly the most popular and impressive one, as it is situated 1500 meters (4921 feet) above sea level!

Visit the viewpoints and go on boat rides to the waterfalls for an unforgettable Geiranger sightseeing experience!

Best Things to Do in Geiranger, Norway

  • Treat yourself to a scenic boat ride along Geirangerfjord
  • See the gorgous Norwegian waterfalls like The Seven Sisters
  • Enjoy the panoramas of Norway's lush nature
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Top Attractions in Geiranger

Top Attractions in Geiranger

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All Attractions in Geiranger

All Attractions in Geiranger

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