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Tromso, Norway
Being the most dynamic hub at the Arctic Circle, Tromso Norway is a great place for exploring the northernmost part of Scandinavia. The 9th most populous city in Norway, Tromso has a lot in store to offer.

Surprisingly, the climate in Tromso Norway is much milder than in other places on the same latitude due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. The average temperatures reach 13-15°C in summer and -6/-8°C in winter. Moreover, the location of Tromso is perfect for witnessing such natural phenomena as the midnight sun that usually occurs from May to July and the magic Northern Lights in winter. The city even hosts the annual Northern Light Festival that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Apart from natural wonders, Tromso boasts a number of other unique gems and activities to experience. The untouched wild surroundings of the city serve as a great destination for practising hiking, kayaking, whale safaris and dog sledging.

As for the local sights, travelers have several interesting options. The main highlights of Tromso include the Arctic Cathedral, built in the 1960s, majestic Roman Catholic Territorial Prelature of Tromso, the Polar Museum with some cultural and scientific artefacts and an amazing arctic aquarium Polaria.

Visiting Tromso Norway is a great opportunity to get the taste of the Arctic as the city is famous for its restaurants specialising in fresh ingredients of Scandinavian North. The main specialties impossible to miss include the brown cheese ‘brunost’, lye fish ‘lutefisk’ and sheep in cabbage ‘farikal’.

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