Mobile Cell-Phone: Will It Work In Italy?

Mobile Cell-Phone: Will It Work In Italy?

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What to know about mobile phones in Italy?

In case you're not sure will your mobile phone work while you're visiting Italy or not, have no worries as Italy has high-quality mobile coverage in just about in any point in the country. The signal is generally great, especially in large cities, yet there may be cases of poor mobile signal if you're somewhere up in the mountains.

If you'd like to use your cell phone in Italy with your own regular phone number, you need to contact your mobile phone operator back at home before leaving the country to set up your roaming. Make sure to find out the terms, tariffs, and costs for calls and other services in order to safeguard yourself from huge phone bills.

As an alternative, you can always purchase a local Italy SIM card to stay in touch during your trip. This can be a prepaid card with included internet (which usually costs about 5 to 10 Euros) by one of the Italian providers which are Vodaphone, Wind, TIM, and Tre. The cards for your phone can be bought in one of the official stores of the operators, you'll most likely need your passport to get one.

Of course, many travelers decide not to bother with SIM cards and roaming as you can always connect to WiFi in the hotel or any cafe or restaurant. Internet in Italy works well, so you can rest assured that staying connected isn't at all a problem during your vacation.