Getting Around Norway


Not sure which modes of transportation to use while you are touring Norway? In this section, you can find handy tips and information about the public transport system in Norway, the most popular trains, famous Norwegian rail routes, and more.


Getting Around Norway
Popular Trains in Norway
The Norway railway is a broad network connecting major parts of the country, which are reachable by land, including Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim. Therefore traveling Norway by train is a great transportation option.
Traveling Between Oslo and Bergen
The Oslo to Bergen train route is the most popular one in Norway. There trains on the route are operated by NSB and offer day and overnight train options. The average travel time is around 6 hours 40 minutes.
How to Book Norway Train Tickets
One of the most convenient and user-friendly online services for booking European train tickets, including Norway, is Rail Ninja. Using this web site, buying train tickets for your Norway travel will become a matter of a couple of clicks and plenty of saved time.
Popular Train Routes in Norway
One of the best ways to explore picturesque Norway landmarks is to set off on a railway journey. Norway has an extensive and well-developed railway network that covers more than 3000 km of beautiful landscapes worth discovering. But what are the most popular train routes in Norway?
Norway Public Transport System
Norway is considered to have one of the best-organized public transports systems in Europe in terms of efficiency, schedule and safety. The country boasts a broad network of bus routes, trains as well as water transport.