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How to get train tickets for Norway trip

Good old ticket office

If you have already made up your mind about traveling around Norway by train, you may come up with a question on how and where to buy the tickets. Well, it goes without saying that you can get your train tickets directly at any Norway railway station. There you have several options as you may buy at the ticket office itself or use a self-service machine. But we are sure that you don’t mind saving your time, right? So what is the wisest option to purchase tickets for your Norway vacation?

Online alternatives

Ok, let’s say that you don’t want to bother yourself trying to figure out how the self-service machine functions or you strive to avoid unpleasant situations like an overbooked train and want to be on the safe side, getting your tickets in advance. What’s then? Online booking, of course.

One of the most convenient and user-friendly online services for booking European train tickets, including Norway, is Rail Ninja. Using this web site, buying train tickets for your Norway travel will become a matter of a couple of clicks and plenty of saved time. This online platform contains information about the most popular routes, duration of trips, ticket prices and a lot more. The only thing you need is to log in, select your Norway route and enjoy the fast and quality service, getting a ticket and having a worry-free train journey on the most scenic Norwegian railways.