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Traveling to Norway on trains, buses and ferries

In case Norway is not the first destination on your Scandinavia route or you are planning to get there from another European country, there are many transport alternatives for flights.

As such, high-speed trains are a top choice when it comes to travel to Oslo on train from nearby Sweden. The most popular Stockholm to Oslo train is the SJ high-speed train which takes a little over 6 hours. The same train runs on the Oslo to Gothenburg train route and boasts a travel time of less than 4 hours from city center to city center.

Buses to Norway are another option often chosen by travelers who are on a budget for the reason that such tickets to Norway sometimes cost less than trains, flights, and ferries. Most buses heading to Norwegian cities from neighboring countries are considered to be of Express category, are usually modern and equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi and other amenities. Nevertheless, such large buses and long-distance coaches have proven themselves to be not the most convenient option in terms of overall travel time and comfort for travel in Scandinavia. Oslo - Copenhagen, Oslo - Gothenburg, and Oslo - Stockholm are among the most common international bus routes that connect Norway to Sweden and Denmark.

What’s for ferries and cruises, such travel options have also gained popularity among travelers of recent. Such a mode of travel provides a unique experience coupled with great views, and in most cases offers great onboard amenities which can be compared to a hotel on water. There are daily sailings from numerous cities in Denmark to Norway’s Oslo, including Copenhagen and Hirtshals, as well as direct ferries to Norway from Sweden, Germany, and the UK.