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Norway is a true paradise for those who can’t imagine their lives without sports and active lifestyle. Are you that kind of person? If yes, you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised by the scope and scale of the outdoor activities that Norway offers.


Best things to do in Norway


Winter activities of the region are almost countless. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snowmobiling… still not enough? How about some non-trivial options like a crab safari or reindeer rides? All these are also available in Norway and you only need to chose what way of conquering Norwegian snow expanses suits you best.

As for summertime, it’s the season for enjoying long strolls and observing the intact Norwegian outskirts by foot on some scenic hiking trails. If you desire to enjoy landscapes from the water, you can choose to try some kayaking or set off on a memorable boat trip around dramatic fjords.

Ok, but what if you are not a sports fan? We can assure you that there are plenty of ways to explore the country without much calorie loss. You may still discover fjords but on board a comfortable ship during a long cruise or enjoy unforgettable views of the most beautiful railroad in the world from the windows of a high-speed train.

In case you are interested in the cultural side of the country more, Norwegian cities have a plethora of sights, museums and galleries where you can get acquainted with exciting Viking heritage as well as modern masterpieces.