Travel Photography: 10 European Places to Include in Your Bucket List


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Have you been promising your loved one a trip to Europe? If yes, it’s time to stop delaying the promise and book your trip! From London and Venice’s jaw-dropping historic views to Amsterdam’s cozy scenery, you can’t go wrong with your decision to visit Europe.

While you’re on the internet searching for the places to visit in Europe, you might get bombarded with an overwhelming number of suggestions. But fear not! This list contains the top 10 best locations in Europe that also happen to be extremely popular photography sites. We want to make sure you can capture the best moments on your camera and have the best memories. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the first destination.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a top-notch destination for everyone as it’s a smart city, but with a vintage heritage. No matter what your tastes are, you’re going to love Barcelona. It’s the most visited city in Spain, and for good reasons. The city has dozens and hundreds of unique places to visit and take some incredible shots that are destined to go popular on social media.


Berlin, Germany

Infamous as a popular Tinder spot, Berlin has a certain appeal to it that others don’t. If you’re traveling single, there’s a chance you might find love even if you’re not looking for it. If you do have a partner with you, it’s a nice place to capture some couple shots.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is another one of those super-popular tourist destinations embracing classic city scenery. Nyhavn is one of the most beautiful spots in Copenhagen. It’s a harbor area with picture-perfect spots and boats on the bank.


Milan, Italy

Many consider Milan city to not be a suitable spot for traveling, however, those people don’t have the eyes to see what Milan has to offer. It serves a perfect balance between urban lifestyle and vintage, old-school romance — get your camera ready!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a spot where you’ll find it incredibly difficult to put your camera away. Get some spare batteries for your camera — you will need them. There’s a lot to cover — from interlocking canals to waving architecture. It’s a special treat for people looking to do something special for their vacations.


Porto, Portugal

When someone plans a tour to Portugal, they usually end up visiting Lisbon. However, with its increasing popularity in recent years, Porto is a sight to behold! It’s surrounded by beaches, nightclubs, and bars — everything you need for a chill, beautiful vacation.


London, UK

Is there any European destination list without a mention of London? We bet there’s not! London is not a destination to miss. From the classic, red telephone booths to the double-decker buses — there’s a lot to see and photograph. London also encompasses several impressive landmarks worthy of a camera shot.


Venice, Italy

Let’s get it out of the way: Venice is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Period. It’s incredibly unique, and heartfully romantic — serving as a perfect destination to capture some impressive shots. There are no cars — only canals and boats!


Paris, France

Paris is a wonderful destination to visit at any time of the year — and it’s an awesome place to take photos at any time of the day! Also known as the “City of Lights”, Paris is a sight to behold, and a destination to never miss upon your trip to Europe.

If you’re planning to drive through Europe on a rented vehicle — let me tell you — it’s a perfect plan! There are incredible opportunities to stop by the road and take photographs whenever you feel like it. However, be sure to get your international driving permit so you can drive legally.


Europe is one of the finest destinations for travelers and a dream for photographers. There are tons of opportunities to take incredible shots and delight your photo collection. Don’t forget to visit the above-mentioned destinations during your next trip to Europe, and rest assured you won’t miss out on anything.