Nuuksio National Park, Helsinki, Finland

Nuuksio National Park is a spectacular piece of wilderness in the middle of Helsinki metropolitan area. The park encompasses beautiful valleys, steep ravines, rocks, groves, swamps and over 80 small lakes and ponds.

It was established only in 1994 and is one of Finland's newest national parks. Located only 40 minutes from Helsinki, Nuuksio National Park offers canoeing adventures, hiking trips, snowshoe hikes and ice-climbing in the wintertime. Trekking, skiing, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, rock-climbing, berry and mushroom picking or swimming are among the fancied activities here. Moreover, nearly one million hikers visit Nuuksio each year and enjoy more than 30 kilometers of tagged trekking trails along with cooking shelters and camping sites.

The Nuuksio National Park covers the westernmost part of the Nuuksio lake uplands, which is the largest and most important continuous wilderness area in the Uusimaa Region. Moreover it is home to dozens of endangered animals (such as the Siberian Flying Squirrel), plants and fungi species.

Another place that is often visited in the park is the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, where you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty of other Finland’s national parks from the South to arctic Lapland.

Nuuksio National Park is truly a place where you can relax and experience tranquility of unique Finnish nature.
Nuuksio National Park, Helsinki, Finland
Nuuksio National Park, Helsinki, Finland

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